Athena Crypto Trade: The Platform for Buying and Selling Bitcoin and other Cryptos in Cash

Athena Crypto Trade is a project certified and managed by Athena Crypto Bank. The operators of Athena Crypto Bank have a great deal of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies and its problems. Scammers, hackers, false deposits and legal issues are happening every day. With our support you will avoid any scams or nasty surprises. You can learn more by visiting the website Our goal is to allow anyone to exchange cryptocurrencies in cash, as if they were buying a used mobile phone.

Athena Crypto Trade It is a safe and simple site that allows you to search for different traders who can help you with the conversion. For us the most important values are trust and privacy, for this reason you will never be asked for strictly personal data on our site: our services are accessible to all and in total anonymity, in order to protect the identity of the user and create a lasting relationship of trust! On Athena Crypto Trade, people from all over the world can exchange cash, crypto or gold with Bitcoin. The Traders publish announcements with a commission to be calculated at the time of the exchange and the description of how the exchange will take place during the sale.

Each seller inserts his contacts using different applications such as Whatsapp or Telegram and its limits (minimum and maximum amounts for the exchange). Athena Crypto Trade moderates every announcement published, the ads placed will be published by our team only after identifying the reliability of the buyer or seller and reporting the feedback given to them on other sites, first among which Localbitcoin. In this way a Trader who has sold or bought for years on Localbitcoin and obtained many positive feedbacks can easily prove its reliability.

Athena Crypto Trade before publishing the announcement will contact the Trader on Localbitcoin and once proven the ownership of the account will insert a summary commentary of all the trading carried out and the relative feedback. The ads report the contacts of the Traders within their announcement so that you can contact them guaranteeing your privacy and without registration. To find out more, you can visit the How It Works page.

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