How it works Athena Crypto Trade

Athena Crypto Trade does not only allow you to trade in Cash, Crypto or gold with Bitcoin but allows you to do it completely anonymously. With the app you can also quickly search for the nearest seller or buyer by simplifying the trade.


The user performs a search by setting country, city, and amount to be changed and can subsequently select optional filters such as alternative payment methods (for example gold or crypto). Traders will be displayed by commission based on who offers the cheapest price. Each trader sets a commission in% on the price of the Bitcoin, which will be negative in the event of Bitcoin being sold by the user or positive in the event of purchase by the user.
Example: Trader sets 5% commission on Kraken Price

The user wants to buy 1000 Euro of Bitcoin from the Trader: Kraken price + 5% = 1050 Euro Sale Price

The user wants to sell 1000 Euros of Bitcoins to the Trader: Kraken price -5% = 950 Euro Purchase Price

Once the review has been read and verified by our support on the trader, which shows the number of trades and customer ratings on the Localbitcoin website, it can be contacted privately and without needing to register.


The Trader inserts the ad:

- Select the accepted payment methods (gold, cash, other crypto), enter its limits and a description of how the trade will take place (example: 5 stars hotel, more transactions of 500€ are made until the total amount is reached).

- Set the Exchange that uses as a reference on the current Bitcoin price and sets the commission. (example Kraken)

- Enter an address where the trade can take place or a meeting point (usually public places like a hotel, cafe or restaurant). The position entered is only approximate and must be confirmed by the trader once he has been contacted by the user.

- The ad will show the contact and the apps that the trader usually uses to talk to his clients.

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