How to recognize a scammer who buys or sells bitcoins in cash

Nov 03, 2019

1) The fact that you are dealing with a serious and verified person does not guarantee that a fraudster is not hiding behind him.

Scammers sometimes hire "normal" and "honest" people to impress the victim.
If you do not personally know the final buyer or seller, always keep your eyes open and take nothing for granted.

2) A scammer will appear to you as a wealthy person, so he will often be dressed in a suit and tie and will give you appointments in luxury places.

3) Sometimes the scammer could present himself with a thick beard or with glasses so as to slightly hide his face and make identification difficult.

4) He will tell you that he is Jewish or that he comes from a wealthy country.

5) He will talk to you about important figures as if they were insignificant sums for him, showing off his economic wealth so as to make you believe he is a wealthy person.  Remember that even rich people do not despise money and are always careful about how to spend it.
So if he talks to you about too big or too profitable jobs it will be an alarm bell.

6) He will try to get you to trade in one big transaction or hurry you during the trade, using excuses like "I have a meeting" or "an important appointment", so you won't be able to think wisely.

7) Will try to change the place of the appointment or the time or mode of exchange at the last moment, so that it can exploit the situation to his advantage.  If a person tries to do this, cancel the trade immediately, do not risk being scammed for fear of losing the trade.

8) Usually scammers will try to convince you with higher than normal purchase or sale prices, or with the promise that they will invest in your future project.
Remember that trade is something different, so first close the transaction safely and then, if you want, discuss other business.

9) Remember that the scammer's tactic is to be able to earn your trust, so if you trust someone the danger of fraud is higher and you have to be careful to respect all the rules that we have suggested and to proceed with extreme  caution.

How to recognize a scammer who trades bitcoins online

1) He will contact you saying that he has difficulty changing some currencies because he resides in countries where exchanges are prohibited, offering you a generous reward in case you want to help him.

2) He will use exchange or escrow services that are not known.  Most of the time they are wevsites created specifically by them to send you bitcoins.

3) It will ask you for a lot of personal information not related to the trades.
Knowing your thoughts, your lifestyle and where you come from will help him understand how to deal with you to be able to deceive you.

4) He will tell you that he can help you multiply your money through trading platforms and financial advice without asking anything in return.
Remember that nobody does anything for nothing, especially strangers.

How can we help you?

1) Follow our rules to buy and sell in security that you can find by visiting our page: "How to buy and sell in security"

2) Send us a picture of the person you are going to trade with and we will tell you if he has already scammed someone before.

3) Try entering your number or website that was given to you by him in our anonymous telegram bot to report scammers: in this way you can check and see if the user in question has already scammed using the same number or website in the past.

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