New bitcoin hacker discovered

Sep 16, 2019

Upon reporting to one of our clients who got hacked his Coinbase wallet, our team spent two months trying to contact the hacker responsible for the scam and make them believe we were doing the same job. It took two months of conversations and numerous fake victims funded by us to understand how the hacker could get all the Bitcoins out of any kind of wallet. Thanks to our investigation we can finally publish a new Bitcoin wallet hacking mode. The hacker contacted the victims found on localbitcoins, convinced them to start a conference with the Zoom application. Then he asked the victim to share the phone screen to show that he actually had Bitcoins to sell. At this point with an excuse (which could have been a simple screenshot of a non-existent wallet) convinced him to send a small sum from his wallet to another wallet to check in the blockchain if the sending was real. Once the client opened his wallet, the hacker took control of the phone through a bug in the Zoom application and moved all the Bitcoins onto a wallet of his own. The hacker in question is called Benjamin Blein, has a Swiss document and accounts opened in the Netherlands where he has deposited more than a million and a half euros. We do not know if the document or bank accounts are fake but we can say with confidence that this method for hacking works with many different types of wallets and different Exchange, even some famous ones like Blockchain or Coinbase. Athena crypto bank estimates that, in 2018 alone, 100 million euros of people were scammed using this method. If you appreciate our efforts and the risks we run to keep the world of safe crypts, share our articles and make a donation in Bitcoin: the money will be used to finance our Anti-Scammer program. please help us keep our crypto community safe. Your donation is very important to us. Btc: 38ELZz9UgMTWpNTC1Vk7wnLY8nw9zphiWe
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