New Bitcoin Scammer Discovered

Sep 16, 2019
Alessandro belongs to a family of gypsies from Milan who are experts in fraud with false money and Double Spending. It has been identified by the report of one of our clients cheated for a good 500,000 euros in Barcelona. Our client asked for our help after being scammed and thanks to the description provided, they were shown some photos of Scammer of our database that most reflected his indications and, after a careful research, we were able to find the photo of the scammer. We decided, exceptionally, to publish his photo as our client asked us to do so. All the scammers identified so far are registered in our database and are never published in order not to allow scammers to know who reported it and to know that they could be recognized. Now it is too long that scams are consumed against Bitcoin owners by these families of criminals, scams that are not opposed even by law enforcement agencies throughout Europe. Everyone is afraid of these gypsy families and Athena crypto bank is the only one who has decided to do something about it. Our client explained to us the ways in which they managed to defraud him: a bundle of real banknotes amounting to 50,000 euros was counted by the victim and then the scammer inserted them in front of him in a bag that was on the same table where they were checked banknotes. When he put the money in the bag he exchanged real money with similar banknotes and, with a fast movement, handed the same bundle of real banknotes back to the victim for a new check. Athena crypto bank estimates that only in 2018 people have been scammed for a total of 100 million euros. If you appreciate our efforts and the risks we run to keep the world of crypto safe, share our articles and make a donation in Bitcoin: the money will be used to finance our Anti-Scammer program. please help us keep our crypto community safe. Btc: 38ELZz9UgMTWpNTC1Vk7wnLY8nw9zphiWe
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