The rules to follow to buy or sell bitcoins in cash in total safety

Nov 03, 2019
"Long story short, we hear a story too good to be true... it ain't."  
(Lt. Aldo Raine, Inglourious Basterds)


1) Always try to organize a trade with the owner of a 5-star ad.
Our support team carefully evaluates any type
of announcement created and releases the evaluation only after several checks: if the ad has 5 stars, it means that the user who uploaded it has been verified and approved.

2) Always use a new wallet in order to prevent the other person from controlling the funds and movements passed on your wallet.

3) Never get on the car or in a private property of the seller or buyer, as you will run the risk of being robbed.
Always choose a public place, such as a mall for small transactions, or rent the meeting room in a hotel if you prefer to have more privacy for transactions with larger amounts.

4) Always choose a meeting place with parking available nearby, so you can move easily and not be forced to travel long distances on foot with cash money when the trade is concluded.

5) Never make a single big transaction, divide the trade into smaller transactions to reduce the risk of fraud.
Every scammer will try to convince you to trade in a single transaction to steal as much money as possible.
Start the trade with a small amount and, once completed successfully, continue with other small transactions until the total amount is reached.
The best strategy is always to leave part of the money to a trusted person or in a safe place near the place where the trade will take place, so that at the end of each transaction you can go and get only the money needed for the next one,  without the need to have the full amount with you.

6) In case you were the buyer of bitcoin, ask the seller to show you his wallet before you start counting the money.
Once you checked that he has the necessary bitcoins for the transaction then you can show your money and continue the trade.

7) In case you were the bitcoin seller, count the money personally and don't let the buyer help you.
In case the buyer touches the money for any reason, you must start to count them again.
The best strategy, especially if the trade takes place in a meeting room, is to count the money on the table and leave it there so that the buyer cannot touch it.

8) In the case of trade in a public place:
if you are a buyer, do not hand over the money to the seller until you receive the bitcoin transaction confirmations;  if you are a seller, ask the buyer to calmly count the money in front of you, showing you the notes well so that you can see if there are counterfeit notes inside.

9) Always wait at least 2 confirmations on the blockchain network before paying as you could be a victim of "double-spending", that is a technique widely used by scammers which consists in sending amounts of bitcoins that have actually already been spent.  At first you will see the bitcoins received on your wallet, but when the blockchain checks the sending validity, it will remove the bitcoins from your wallet.
So always remember to wait for the second confirmation on the blockchain network!

10) In case you are selling bitcoins, count the cash a second time after they have been delivered to you.  Do not allow the buyer to leave the meeting place without first doing this very important operation.

Before starting a trade, visit our page: "How to recognize a scammer"
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